Scoliosis Treatment

Various treatments in adults, guidlines, without surgery and in teenagers and for seniors.

Could Customized Spinal Rods Really Mean No More French Benders?

The North American Spinal Surgery fraternity has its annual congress this week, an event that is always accompanied by a flurry of news items. Companies like to save all their best news for release when they figure┬áthe specialist audience will …
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Clever system, nice video (no blood)

Traditional rod/hook/screw systems were fairly agricultural affairs. One company, K2M, Inc., features in its portfolio some of the most elegant solutions to complex spinal problems. In what is a beautifully executed video the company shows its “beam-shaped” rods system and …
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SRS Annual Meeting This Week

For SRS read the Scoliosis Research Society, which is holding its 48th annual meeting in Lyon, France throughout this week. And a properly significant affair it is too, with a programme that extends to about 350 pages and an attendee …
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