NICE looks at Scoliosis Treatment with the MAGEC system

Scoliosis Treatment for Children

In the UK the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the body that seeks to maximize the level of care provided in UK hospitals, and at the same time maximize cost efficiency, is supporting the use of the MAGEC System.

The main reasons that NICE are sponsoring the use of this system is because it is less invasive. This means that the children that are using the system do NOT require regular operations to lengthen the rods. Because of a system of magnets and screws inside the rods themselves, they can be adjusted with a special remote control device.

Scoliosis Treatment with Ellipse Technologies MAGEC System

You can read more about this system on the Ellipse Tech website here.

The secondary advantages of this system all stem from the fact that it does not require further procedures to adjust the rods. This reduces the physical and psychological trauma your child may experience from the repeated surgeries. In addition, your child will miss less school time because of reduced time in hospital. All in all a much improved way of treating Scoliosis in children. Whilst the basic principle of treatment remains unchanged this scoliosis surgery is a much easier way all round to treat the condition.

This video by Professor Alanay explains in more detail how the new MAGEC scoliosis treatment system works:

Scoliosis Treatment in the UK

The NICE organization in the UK is made up of a group of executive directors. They together form the Guidance Executive that is on control of signing off on Guidance and Implementations. Professor Carole Longson is one of those executive directors.

Professor Carole Longson, Director of the NICE Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, said: “For children who need treatment for scoliosis, and for whom standard treatment such as a back brace hasn’t worked, surgery to implant conventional growth rods is an option. But the repeated surgical procedures that are needed to extend the rods can be difficult for the child and their family or carers, and can cause distress.

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