All Articles from: September 2013

Clever system, nice video (no blood)

Traditional rod/hook/screw systems were fairly agricultural affairs. One company, K2M, Inc., features in its portfolio some of the most elegant solutions to complex spinal problems. In what is a beautifully executed video the company shows its “beam-shaped” rods system and …
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SRS Annual Meeting This Week

For SRS read the Scoliosis Research Society, which is holding its 48th annual meeting in Lyon, France throughout this week. And a properly significant affair it is too, with a programme that extends to about 350 pages and an attendee …
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Another Famous Sporting Scoliosis Sufferer

It’s always nice to be able to point to a scoliosis sufferer who’s beaten the odds. You may not be aware for instance that Stacey Lewis, one of the world’s top ranked female golfers and winner of the British open …
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